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MistaJonz | Sally
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Just like old times.

So, growing up, we didn’t have a lot, and for me being an artist, that meant being resourceful due to lack of money and being kinda out of the way in terms of art supply stores…or stores in general (I grew up in the sticks). So that’s kinda what I did here. I went back to doing things the way I did when I was like…16 years old maybe? The only special tool I used on this was a q-tip, for the shading. Something I figured out when I was a kid and got tired of having pencil lead on my fingers from smudging in details.

So this is based on a shot from the intro to the classic Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, the one commonly known as “SatAM”. I started out by drawing the scene and somewhere midway I decided to do the current version of Princess Sally Acorn from the Sonic Comics by Archie Comics. I always loved the original design, but the current “Sega-ized” look quickly became my new favorite. I guess you could think of this as “what if Sonic and Sally went back to Robotropolis to shut down another of Dr. Robotnik’s generators”. I don’t know. For now, I like it, and hopefully everyone else does too.



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